Northern Lights on 4 Dec 2017 in Whitehorse, Yukon – The tour that took place in Nov/Dec 2017



Warming up and toasting marshmallows while waiting for the northern lights to come on.


Northern Lights as seen on our first tour in Feb 2017


4-nights Aurora Borealis viewing in Whitehorse, Yukon
  • for four nights, get the opportunity of catching nature’s amazing light display out in the open Yukon winter night sky
  • enjoy hot beverages / toast marshmallows by a fire in the cool and dark night in Yukon
  • stay in a lodge for 2-nights, faraway in a secluded ranch, outside the town of Whitehorse
  • at the lodge, enjoy the comfort of a warm hot tub, outdoors in the cool winter air, have all your meals prepared by a chef, and watch the northern lights at your own time
5-days of fun and excitement in the surreal winter landscape of the Yukon
  • thrilling dog sledding rides around the secluded countryside
  • explore the vast landscape of the Yukon on snowmobiles
  • trek onto a frozen lake on snowshoes and do some ice fishing
  • pedal on a fatbike and cycle across a perfect winter scene
  • soak in warmth of a hot spring and create weird hairdos in the cool wintry air
2-days of breathtakingly beautiful mountain scenery in the Canadian Rockies
  • ride the Banff Gondola up Sulphur Mountain for majestic views of mountain ranges
  • visit Lake Louise and be awed by the magic of winter
  • walk on ice and explore Johnston Canyon
  • trek into the brilliance of winter in Sunshine Meadows